About Our Team

Barrett Labbad

Tara Kersey-Barrett, D.O. & Jakleen Labbad, M.D.

Dr. Tara Kersey-Barrett and Dr. Jakleen Labbad lead a team of medical and health experts who know how to guide and encourage you along your personal weight-loss journey. It’s like having your very own squad of personal trainers!

Your Weight Loss Team

Behavioral Health Practitioners

Behavior management can help manage why you are overweight or obese by understanding the behaviors that surround and cause it.


Your individualized plan will be supervised by Registered Dietitians who will help you develop a successful, sustainable healthy eating plan.

Physical & Occupational Therapists

The physical & occupational therapists at Fisher-Titus Medical Center will find the right exercises for you, helping you lose weight and boost your metabolism in a safe and effective manner.

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