Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sleep Center

What is a sleep center?

A sleep center is a medical facility dedicated to diagnosing and treating patients with sleep-related problems. The Sleep Center at Fisher-Titus Medical Center is staffed with qualified physicians and technologists to ensure the best quality of care and is located in a relaxing environment much like a bedroom or hotel room with queen-sized beds.

Does the Sleep Center treat pediatric patients?

Yes, we serve children ages 3 and up.

What is a sleep test?

A sleep “test” or sleep “study” (also known as polysomnography) is a painless evaluation performed during your normal sleeping hours. Small electrodes are placed on the scalp, face, chest and legs to monitor your brain, breathing and muscle movements while you sleep.

How will I sleep while connected to wires?

Our technologists take extra time to place the electrodes in a way that is comfortable for each patient. Most of our patients are chronically sleepy and find it easier than anticipated to sleep in our comfortable setting!

What should I bring to my appointment?

Pack an overnight bag as you would for an overnight stay at a hotel or a night away with a friend. Be sure to include comfortable nightclothes and slippers or socks along with your insurance cards and photo identification. You may also wish to include a robe and your favorite pillow/blanket.

Caffeine-free snacks

Meals are not provided in the sleep center for overnight testing. Feel free to bring caffeine-free snacks but please don’t consume a heavy meal within 4 hours of testing.

Can I use the restroom at night?

Yes, our technologists will explain this easy system once you arrive. Restrooms are located throughout the center.

If my physician prescribes PAP treatment, can your staff help me adjust to the new treatment?

Yes, we have programs designed to help CPAP/BPAP users become comfortable with using their new mask and PAP device. Please call the center directly for more information.

How can I schedule a study?

Your physician may refer you or you may call our center directly for more information.

Can I visit your sleep center?

Yes! We would love to offer a tour to you and your family. Please contact us for more information.






Our Sleep Center serves patients throughout Erie and Huron counties, including Amherst, Ashland, Attica, Bellevue, Berlin Heights, Castalia, Clyde, Collins, Fremont, Greenwich, Huron, Milan, Monroeville, New Haven, New London, New Washington, North Fairfield, Norwalk, Nova, Oberlin, Plymouth, Port Clinton, Sandusky, Shelby, Shiloh, Tiffin, Tiro, Vermilion, Wakeman, Wellington, Willard and the surrounding communities. Call us today to learn more!