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Kangaroo Care

After delivering your new baby at the Fisher-Titus Birthing Center, we want to give you and your little one the best possible start. As soon as your baby has been safely delivered, we offer Skin-to-Skin, or Kangaroo Care, placing your baby on your bare chest to begin the bonding experience and providing your baby with many health benefits.

What is Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo Care is a special way to hold your baby. Wearing only a diaper, your baby is placed directly on your chest. Doctors say this is the “best care” for your baby immediately after delivery.

Once the baby is placed on your chest, you both will be covered with a blanket and baby’s head will be covered with a hat. Ideally, this bonding time with mom and dad lasts for the first 1-1 ½ hours of your new baby’s life. Some babies will nurse during this initial Kangaroo Care experience and new parents can limit visitors to the room during this time. After the bonding time is finished, your baby will go to the Nursery for his/her admission and you will be moved to a private postpartum room for the rest of your stay.

For mothers who deliver via C-Section, Kangaroo Care can begin in the OR Suite and be extended into the Recovery Room, if you wish. The father is also able to stay with the new mother and baby in the Recovery Room for additional family bonding time.

Kangaroo Care is also recommended for multiples, both together and separately, and premature babies. Holding your new baby skin-to-skin promotes growth and helps to regulate temperature, breathing and heart rate. Even if there are medical reasons that prevent Kangaroo Care right after delivery, our staff will help you start Skin-to-Skin care with your new baby as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of Kangaroo Care?

• Your baby will transition from the womb to the outside world easier by being close to you, hearing your heartbeat and your voice, and feeling your touch.

• Your baby will stay warmer when “skin-to-skin” with you.

• Your baby may take the first feeding of mother’s milk, which is the best care

• Your baby will cry less and sleep more when “skin-to-skin.

• Babies don’t get sick as often during the first six months.

• Mothers will produce more breast milk.

• Your baby will feel less pain when held “skin-to-skin” for shots or other stressful events.

• You will be more confident caring for your baby.

• Kangaroo Care helps with your infant’s brain development.

• It is good for your baby throughout your hospital stay and after you and your baby are home.

Throughout your stay at the Fisher-Titus Birthing Center, your baby will be brought to you for Kangaroo Care during our daily Birthing Center “Quiet Time,” a time every afternoon from 1:30-3 p.m. for you and your baby to rest quietly with no interruptions.

Kangaroo Care at Home

Even after leaving the hospital, both Mom and Dad can “Kangaroo” the new baby at home. For Mom, simply choose a shirt that opens in the front, remove your bra and sit in a comfortable chair that reclines. Then put your baby, dressed in only a diaper, on your chest. Cover yourself and the baby with a blanket and leave the baby’s head uncovered. Dad can provide Kangaroo Care after Mom’s first time. We suggest Kangaroo Care for Dad and baby while Mom showers or sleeps, or to help calm a fussy baby.