BWC Injury Clinic: Back to Work Philosophy

Fisher-Titus Medical Center's Industrial Health Clinic has physicians, nurses, physical therapists, industrial technicians and other health care professionals specialized in industrial medicine. Collaboration with all parties involved creates an environment of effective and cost-contained client care.

Our care system for injured workers offers the following:

  • A standardized coordinated approach to work injury
  • A written plan of care, with goals and timelines for healing, treatment and return to work
  • Tracking of the medical progress of the employee
  • Regular communication among the physician, rehabilitation provider, industrial health professionals, the employer and the employee, Bureaus Worker Compensation or Managed Care Organization

Fisher-Titus Medical Center Industrial Health Case Management provides a client-focused strategy that intervenes on the behalf of the injured employee, the provider and the payer. Our coordination of services and resources are accomplished through negotiation and intervention to achieve and ensure the quality of care and planned outcomes.

To Access the Injury Clinic

  • Injured employee should see a physician at Fisher-Titus Medical Center's Emergency Room OR schedule an appointment with the Industrial Health Clinic at 419-663-6464.
  • Following treatment, a Return to Work Information Record is completed and the employee provides this information to the employer.
  • A Nurse will then contact employers with follow-up information as needed.
  • Further care is scheduled through the injury clinic and the industrial rehabilitative therapists.
  • Communication continues among all involved parties.

Contact Industrial Health at (419) 663-6464 for additional information.