Diabetes Education

Fisher-Titus Medical Center Diabetes Education Classes are designed for individuals interested in learning more about diabetes management. Class participation is by physician referral only.

Participants will...

  • Discuss the diabetes disease process
  • List the signs, symptoms, and treatment of high and low blood sugar reactions
  • Discuss proper foot and eye care
  • Learn to set goals and problem solve
  • Discuss medications, their actions, and side effects
  • Learn ways to deal with stress
  • Demonstrate insulin administration
  • Learn about community resources locally and nationally
  • Learn to properly use home glucose monitoring equipment (free meters available)
  • Learn to prevent, detect, and treat acute and chronic complications of diabetes
  • Learn how exercise helps manage diabetes
  • Demonstrate meal planning and portion control
  • Read and interpret nutrition information from product labels
  • Describe everyday opportunities to improve eating habits
  • Learn to properly manage diabetes

Fisher-Titus Medical Center's Diabetes Education Classes are Certified by the American Diabetes Association.