The Plans of Giving

Gifts of Cash or Securities

Charitable gifts are one of the most important and fulfilling ways you can help shape the world around you. These gifts need not compete with your personal financial goals and in fact, such gifts may actually help you accomplish personal financial planning objectives

Once you have identified the charities you wish to support, the Fisher-Titus Foundation can help you with your gift planning. A small amount of planning can help increase the impact of your charitable dollars. The easiest way to support the Fisher-Titus Medical Center is to simply write a check. But there are may be more advantageous ways to give. Gifts of appreciated securities, gifts of real estate and retirement plans provide ways to fulfill your charitable goals.

Charitable Gift AnnuitiesFTF_PlansofGiving_web

Charitable Gift Annuities can provide you or your spouse or designee, with a lifetime income while supporting Fisher-Titus Medical Center. The donor can realize an income tax deduction, and also receive a fixed payout for the remainder of one or two persons lives.

A Bequest to the Fisher-Titus Foundation

If you feel that you can afford to give a gift of cash or securities at the present time. A Bequest can provide an ideal way for you to realize your charitable intentions and also provide a reduction in estate taxes. A Bequest can take several forms. Your estate advisor can provide you with information.

Gifts through Retirement Plans

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), company-sponsored pension and profit-sharing plans and other methods of retirement savings may be an appealing source of funds for charitable giving. Charitable gifts of retirement plan balances can often produce the greatest tax savings for your heirs and may well be the gift of choice from an estate planning perspective.

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 can provide donors aged 70 1/2 with an attractive giving option when they are forced to take minimum distribution form thir IRA. They may gift the funds to charity without penalty. The window for this opportunity expires at the end of 2007.

The Fisher-Titus Foundation has a Certified Financial Planner who will meet with you, your family and/or your professional advisors to confidentially review your situation and to help you make a gift that provides you with the maximum benefit while you support area charities.

For information on any of these giving options or to learn more about a guaranteed life income, please contact:

Michele Skinn, Director
Fisher-Titus Foundation
(Phone) 419-660-2528