More Difficult Situations

Being prepared is your best defense. Don't wait for an urge to become full blown. Use the techniques you have learned as soon as you begin to think of a cigarette. Each time you overcome the urge to smoke you strengthen your non-smoking identity. You prove to yourself that you are in control of your behavior.

You are the key to your own success!

Be prepared to handle these situations as a non-smoker. Taking a few minutes to visualize the desired outcome can make all the difference. If you know you will be in situation where you will be confronted with the desire to smoke try this:

  • See yourself in that situation and think positive
  • Imagine yourself as a comfortable, confident nonsmoker
  • See yourself handling the situation without a cigarette
  • Hear yourself refusing any offers of a cigarette
  • Hear yourself say "I am a non-smoker"
  • See yourself using the techniques you have learned
  • See yourself confident and proud when you have made it through that first time situation.