Keep in Mind

Most athletes are trained to visualize the result they want before they perform. You can do the same! Visualize your success! Reward yourself for your successes.

Withdrawal Symptoms may continue for several weeks. Remember that they are temporary. They are the result of your smoking habit, not the result of quitting! No one has ever died from the withdrawal symptoms. People do die from the effects of smoking!

Withdrawal Symptoms are signs of progress. You are eliminating nicotine from your body and working toward a healthier lifestyle. Your body is beginning to heal.

Take a few minutes to look at When Smokers Quit. Where is your body in the healing process? It is beginning to make some significant changes. You are continuing to give yourself the gift of health.

Each time you overcome an urge to smoke you become stronger and the urge becomes weaker.

It is important that you continue to stop any urges as early as possible. Don't give them time to become overwhelming. Use your List of 25 and Five D's.

In the next few weeks and months you may remain vulnerable to the urges for a cigarette. Continue to count on your support person. You can also post messages on our bulletin board or contact one of the Fisher-Titus Medical Center Support Coordinators. You are not alone. Thousands of people have been right where you are now. They did and so can you!

Be happy, Be healthy, Be smoke-free!