Week 5

Congratulations! You've been a non-smoker for a month.

Sometimes quitting isn't the toughest part. Staying stopped can be the real challenge. Many people quit for awhile but end up going back to smoking. This can be the time you quit for good. You will need to continue to use the techniques you have learned to become a comfortable non-smoker.

Reaffirm Your Commitment

List the reasons you are going to remain a non smoker

What techniques are you going to use to remain a non-smoker?

You will need to continue to be alert and take action at those times when you feel the urge to have a cigarette. If you have a plan of action and are prepared for the urges, you will be able to deal with the urge without reaching for a cigarette.

The urge will go away whether or not you smoke a cigarette. If you do smoke, the urge will continue to come back again and again.

Coping Skills

Be Proactive! Have a plan of action and be in charge of your own success.

  • Keep Your Hands and Mind Busy
  • Use Oral Substitutes
  • Exercise Daily
  • Choose Non-Smoking Environments
  • Breate Deeply
  • Drink Water
  • Stop the Urge Early
  • Review Your Reasons for Quitting
  • Rely on Your Support Person
  • Reward Yourself
  • Don't Rationalize
  • Think Positive!