Understanding Food Labels

Serving Size

Serving sizes are printed on every label. You need to look at the serving size very closely. You may be surprised at what is actually considered a serving.


The amount of calories in one serving will be clearly marked. Check the serving size. Do the math if you are eating a larger or smaller portion than the recommended serving size.

Calories from Fat

This is a very important value. You can now see at a glance if the product falls within recommended dietary guidelines. No more than 30 percent of your daily calorie intake should be from fat calories.

Percent Daily Value

This area of the label will show you how the food fits into the overall recommendations for a daily diet. Daily values are based on a 2,000-2,500 calorie diet. It is recommended that you limit fat intake to less than 65 grams.


Vitamins and minerals are listed, along with the percent of daily value.