Increase Excercise

Are you getting any exercise? Exercise reduces stress and burns calories. Exercise will help pass the time and give you something to focus on when you feel the craving for a cigarette.

It is always recommended that you see your physician and have a complete physical and consultation before beginning any exercise program.

Exercise should be an activity that you enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, you won't stick with it. It should not leave you frustrated, annoyed, or angry. It should not cause you pain. You should be able to do this activity for 15 minutes and be able to reach your target heart rate while doing it.

What is a physical activity that you enjoy?

What is my target heart rate? Your target heart rate is not one particular number. It is a range of heart rates expressed as percentages of your maximum heart rate. This is the rate that is considered safe for you to reach during exercise. The American Heart Association recommends that a healthy adult have a target heart rate of 50-75 percent of their maximum heart rate.

Never quit quitting. You haven't failed until you've given up. The weeks ahead will require a great deal of effort. Our minds and body often become tired due to the constant struggle within us. Accept that what you are doing is an amazing thing. It is worth the fight!

The nicotine demon may be sitting on your shoulder now. It whispers in our ear. Sometimes it screams in our ear!! It teases and torments us. It tells us we want or deserve "just one" more cigarette. Yell back! Say No! Remind yourself that the cravings do not last more than five minutes. Get busy and tell yourself that you will wait out the five minutes.

Remember that you should not sit around waiting for an urge to pass. Our mind begins to focus on the urge and it soon becomes overwhelming. Instead, get up and get busy! Find your list of 25 or practice the Five D's.

Stay focused and remember, you are giving yourself the gift of a lifetime!