Avoiding Self Sabotage

Why bother? Because you are improving the quality of your life. Because you care about yourself and your family.

We all have to die sometime. But do we have to be in any big hurry to die? We can improve the quality of the life we do have.

I know someone who smoked for 30 years.... Ingredients have changed quite a bit over the years. We know that smoking leads to clogged arteries, decreased circulation, and increased chances of having a heart attack or stroke, and cancer.

I'll gain weight if I don't smoke. Follow your recommended plan of action to maintain or loose weight. It's easier to control your weight than fight the devastating effects of cigarette smoking.

One won't hurt. Don't fool yourself. You know better. One cigarette leads to the next. You will be reintroducing nicotine into your system and will need to start over again. Do you really want to throw away the progress you've made?

I deserve a cigarette. Exactly why do you deserve emphysema, cancer, a stroke or a heart attack?

I like to smoke. Heroin addicts like heroin too.

What excuse are you using?

Top Ten Tips

  • Stop "trying". When you use the word "try" you are implying that you expect to fail. Stop trying and do it! Think positive. Stop using negative words like "can't", "don't", "won't", "always", and "never". Your thoughts trigger your behavior.
  • Take lots of deep breaths. Deep breathing will help relax you, increase oxygenation, and help you get past the urges.
  • Drink lots of water. Water helps to flush toxins from your system, thin mucus, and fills you up.
  • Do something! Leave the scene of all urges. If you remain there and continue to fight with the urges you are setting yourself up for failure. Walk away, find something to do, work off that urge, and don't let that urge advance to an overwhelming stage.
  • Stop! Tell yourself to "stop!" with each and every thought of smoking. Don't dwell on thoughts such as "I don't want to smoke". This just makes you think about the act of smoking." Instead yell, "stop!" and turn the thoughts around. Tell yourself "I want to be healthy", "I want to be free from this addiction", "I want to be successful".
  • Talk. Quitting is tough. Talk to others in the group, your support person, or join an online support group. No one said you had to do this all alone. Letting others know that you are struggling is not a sign of weakness. They want to help you. Let them.
  • Use imagery. Picture yourself as a non-smoker. Visualize yourself turning down a cigarette. Visualize yourself being tempted and walking away. Image how good it will feel to know you have power over your addiction.
  • Practice relaxation exercises. You used to smoke when you felt stressed. Now you can perform the relaxation exercises and actually reduce the stress instead of avoiding it. Get some physical exercise too.
  • Reward yourself! You are doing something great for yourself and for the people you care about. Do something nice for yourself!!
  • Take it one day at a time.