Think Positively

Attitude is very important. Remember that Withdrawal Symptoms will be the most intense during the first week. You are in control. You have chosen to become a nonsmoker. You will not have withdrawal symptoms because you quit smoking. You will have them because in the past you chose to smoke!

When you find yourself thinking a negative thought STOP and change the way you are thinking immediately. Sometimes it may be necessary to actually yell "STOP!" If you think negatively, you will have a negative outcome. You can set yourself up for failure by allowing yourself to feel negative about quitting. Think Positive.

Use our Motivational Quotes to maintain a positive outlook. Print them out and post them on your mirrors, refrigerator, dashboards, desk, etc.

Attitude is Everything

Many times we focus on the negative when we are faced with a challenge. We set ourselves up for failure by thinking negatively. We often think about all the potential problems instead of considering solutions. We think of the times we have failed, how difficult making changes will be, or reasons why we won't be successful this time. Becoming a nonsmoker will be a challenge. You can rise to the challenge and improve your chances of success by thinking of quitting in a positive way.

Have you been thinking about your quit date with dread? Have you been thinking about how difficult it will be and wondering if you can do it? Are you irritated and edgy? Stop the negative thoughts now! These kinds of thoughts only set you up for failure. Start thinking positive right now. Your quit date is the day you have decided to become free of your addiction to cigarettes. It is the day you will begin to live a healthier lifestyle. It is the day you begin to take control of life instead of letting cigarettes control you.

Start thinking about yourself in a positive light right now. Complete the following questions. If you are having a tough time answering the questions have your support person or quitting partner help you get started.

Make a list of the things you can do well

List five accomplishments that you are proud of

Make a list of the things you like about yourself

The Power of Positive Thinking

Smokers don't get to smoke. They have to smoke!

You need to have an "I CAN DO" attitude. Whenever negative thoughts start to get you down STOP them immediately. Tell yourself that negative thoughts are unacceptable. Review the lists you made above.