Increase Physical Activity

You will have some difficult times in the next few weeks. You will have the stress of quitting as well as the normal every day stress in your life. How can you handle this additional stress? By being prepared. Remember that you are responsible for your own success. You will learn simple effective ways to manage stress, but they won’t work if you don’t do your part!

Practice the Relaxation Exercises daily. These are simple exercises that can be done most anywhere.

Physical activity can be an effective way to relieve stress. Begin to enjoy some physical activity every day. It will improve your frame of mind, keep you motivated, boost your energy level, and help fight the urge to smoke.

Remember little things count. You don’t need to start training for the Olympics all at once! Walking is an excellent choice.

Try these suggestions and list some of your own.

  • Take a walk every day after dinner
  • Take a short walk each morning
  • Walk on your coffee and lunch break
  • Use the stairs instead of an elevator
  • Park in the last space and walk a little further

What? You don’t have time to add a walk into your day? It takes about 7 minutes to smoke a cigarette. You have lots of free time now!