Plan of Action

This week you need to begin making changes in your smoking habits. Read over the following suggestions and commit to several of them. You will begin to discover that urges pass. Following these suggestions will decrease the stress of your quit date. Print them and post them where you will see them each day this week.

  • Wait 5 minutes before you light up. Each time you want a cigarette look at your watch and make yourself wait 5 minutes. You will discover that many times you get busy and forget about the cigarette.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary ones. Don't fight yourself over any cigarette that you really want. Cut out the others. If you light a cigarette out of habit, put it out or only smoke half. If you are lighting it because you are bored get up and do something!
  • Delay your morning cigarette by one hour. This will be a big help when your quit date arrives. You may need to change your morning routine!
  • Don't empty your ashtrays this week. Collect all your cigarette butts in a clear jar. This is a great visual reminder of how much you smoke.
  • Consider changing brands.
  • Smoke with the opposite hand. If you normally smoke with your right hand then smoke with your left. This is especially effective when talking on the phone. It will seem very odd at first!

Break the Pattern...Decrease the Association...Decrease the Urge

These changes in your smoking habits will begin the important process of breaking old patterns. Changing the behaviors we associate with smoking will help to decrease the urges.