Develop a Plan

Choose a Quit Date that is one week away.

Review the Nicotine Dependency Test and Nicotine Replacement options. If you feel Nicotine Replacement is an option for you, discuss the options with your physician and choose the one that is right for you. When you have chosen your date you need to write it on your calendar and tell your family and friends. Designate one of them as your Support Person.

To be successful at anything, you need to have a plan. Today you will begin to form the plan that will lead you to a smoke free life. You should have set a quit date that is one week away. It is important to think of that date in a positive light. A positive attitude will increase your chance of success and reduce the stress surrounding your quit date.

Smoking Summary Chart

This chart will help you keep track of the actual number of cigarettes you smoke and when you smoke them. This will help you recognize times and places that may trigger an urge to smoke. Print out the Smoking Summary Chart. For the next week you will need to place a check mark in the appropriate box for every cigarette you smoke. At the end of each day, add up the check marks and enter them into the boxes for hourly and daily totals.