The Nino M. Camardese, M.D. Medical Library


Library and information services in the Nino M. Camardese, M.D. Medical Library are managed and organized to meet the need for knowledge-based information. This information is provided upon request to hospital employees, medical staff and other appropriate customers, such as patients and their families, students, and affiliated health professionals in their activities related to patient care, education, research, management and any specialized service offered by the organization.

Library Hours

The Medical Library is open to hospital staff from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. It is available to all Medical Staff members, including students/interns/residents and Clinical Staff at any time.

Library and information resources are provided for access to clinical and managerial literature, computerized databases, practice guidelines, information for patient education and other resources needed to support patient care, quality improvement, continuing education and research, when appropriate.

Resources include: medical and standard dictionaries, directories, major indices, databases related to the literature of medicine, online access to PubMed and other online resources, practice guidelines, and locator tools for obtaining resources outside the library collection. These materials are authoritative, up-to-date and evaluated regularly.

There are two computers in the Medical Library for use by physicians, employees and students/interns/residents.

When special collections, such as patient education materials, or additional resources are not readily available in the library, appropriate arrangements are made to provide access to this information, either from other departments within the institution or other libraries or networks.

Available Services

  • Access to the collection and regular hours of service
  • Access to knowledge-based databases to respond to requests for information
  • Reference or information services
  • Document delivery and interlibrary loan using electronic networks, such as DOCLINE
  • Up-to-date book, journal and software collections
  • Photocopy facilities
  • Access to poison control information
  • Access to hospital formulary
  • Participation in cooperative networks
  • User orientation and education
  • Telefacsimile capabilities
  • Access to audiovisual equipment and programs


The library and information services are centrally located and easily accessible to all hospital and medical staff and other appropriate customers. The physical facilities are pleasant, functional and reserved for library use only. There is a separate study carrel where audio-visual materials may be reviewed privately.

The library has seating for 8-10 persons, is used on an average of twice a day, and can serve as a meeting area. There is adequate shelving, and the large room size (39 x 17 663 square feet) will enable the library to expand its resources materials over a number of years.

The Library also provides medical research assistance.


To use the facility contact:
Denise Smothers, CPMSM, CPCS

419-663-1975 Ext 6537