Research Assistance

Physician Educationresearch-assistance

Health and Sciences Television Network (HSTN) Satellite Program videos are used for weekly physician education. Individuals may also obtain extra CME credit by requesting a video and completing the evaluation form.

Teleconference videos are available in the study carrel for review following the original broadcast. These are coordinated by Library personnel and are presented to the Medical Staff on a weekly basis on topics of current interest.

Cumulated Index Medicus

The 2000 Cumulated Index Medicus volumes are available in the Library for reference. The Index Medicus is no longer in print due to lack of use and the recognition of PubMed as the definitive permanent source for MEDLINE Data. The Medical Library continues to retain the Index Medicus for reference to medical journal articles published as an adjunct to the on-line services available.

Automated Literature Search

PubMed, software to search the National Library of Medicines medical literature analysis and retrieval systems is available in the Library along with searches provided by Library personnel.

DOCLINE, an automated interlibrary loan request and referral system, is also available in the Library and as a service provided by Library personnel.

Medical Journals and Periodicals

Journals received in the library are recorded in the Periodical Record Unit and stamped as property of Fisher-Titus Medical Center. This method ensures that periodicals have been received and are in the Library. Two nursing journals are also purchased for the Library and are bound and retained in accordance with the five-year policy. The Nursing Office donates two additional nursing journals.

Texts are inventoried periodically to identify missing books. Appropriate action is taken to retrieve any missing books.

Medical Journals and Periodicals

The following journals are purchased by the Hospital for use in the Library:

  • American Journal of Nursing*
  • American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology*
  • Annals of Surgery*
  • Bulletin
  • CA Cancer Journal for Clinicians
  • JAMA*
  • Journal of Pediatrics*
  • Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery*
  • Lancet*
  • Modern Health care*
  • New England Journal of Medicine*
  • Nursing*
  • Pediatric Alert
  • Pediatrics*
  • RN*
  • Surgery*
  • Survey of Ophthalmology*
  • Trustee*

Journals marked with an asterisk* are bound on a bi-annual basis by Crawford Library Bindery, Inc. in Akron, Ohio. This service is paid for by the Hospital.

Acquisition of Books

New books are acquired from different sources:

Books are purchased through a Medical Staff Library Fund designated from annual Medical Staff dues, which are paid at the beginning of each year. The dues are set by the MEC and are divided into a General and a Library Fund. (100 percent goes to the Library Fund from Courtesy Staff dues.) Book purchases are recommended by the Clinical Services and/or Committees and are evaluated by the Library and CME Committee. If approved, they are recommended to the Executive Committee for purchase out of the Treasury.

Individual physicians or other interested parties may donate books, and donors are written letters of acknowledgement. There is a Library Gift Policy (XV) of these procedures.

When new books are available in the Library, notices are posted in the Doctors' Lounge.

The Library and CME Committee meets quarterly to evaluate the inventory, make recommendations for purchase and develop education programs for the Medical Staff.

Other Services

Other services offered by the Medical Library include copying, ordering medical books directly from the publisher or distributor, and providing literature searches and references.


A Medical Library inventory list by section (Anesthesia, Surgery, etc.) is maintained and updated with each textbook acquired or deleted and the card catalogue is similarly updated.

Library Gift Policy

The Medical Library will accept all gifts of printed materials and audiovisual materials from donors, with the understanding that these materials will be utilized at the discretion of the Librarian and the Library and CME Committee. Materials, which cannot be used by the Library, will then be traded or given away.