Fisher-Titus Medical Center Patient Pavilion


Fisher-Titus Medical Center's Patient Pavilion includes a 101,000-square-foot building for inpatient private rooms, ambulatory surgery unit and several hospital departments. Click here for more maps and directions. 

The Pavilion

First Floor:

17-bay Ambulatory Surgery and Pre-Admission Testing Suite, Main Entrance, Lobby, Meeting Rooms, Gift Shop, Cafeteria and Dietary Services Department, Materials Distribution Center, Environmental Services Department

Second Floor:

18-bed Medical/Surgical Unit and 8-bed Intensive Care Unit

Third Floor:

36-bed Medical/Surgical Unit

Fourth Floor:

Maternity Unit featuring 9 Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum Rooms and 4 Postpartum Rooms with Nursery Area, C-Section Suite and Recovery Room, Bonding and Lactation Room, Family Stay Room, Hydrotherapy Room, Nursery

Fun Facts

Did you know Fisher-Titus Medical Center's Patient Pavilion has:


  • 97 steps to the tower
  • more than 360,000 bricks
  • 265 construction workers working at one time
  • 71 contractors
  • 124 windows
  • 5141-square-feet of glass
  • 80,811-cubic-feet of concrete
  • 444 doors
  • 1,072,200 pounds of steel
  • 135,000-cubic-feet of fill (stone) at the building pad needed to raise the ground level six feet
  • 210,759-square-feet of drywall
  • 72,518 feet of mechanical and plumbing piping (13.7 miles)
  • 5,942-square-feet of sidewalks
  • 138,519-square-feet of paving
  • 19,718 acoustical ceiling tiles
  • 86 miles of electrical wiring