Building the Community

As a not-for-profit, Fisher-Titus Medical Center's income is reinvested in the Medical Center and the health of the community. The dollars earned allows us to provide state-of-the-art facilities, invest in new medical technology and equipment, expand services to meet community needs and compensate our employees.

By being strong financially, we are able to fulfill our charitable commitment and provide quality care for all. We have had generous charity-care and financial-aid programs since 1992. In 2013, $21.8 million was provided to the local community through community benefit and outreach programs. $6.5 million of that was used for charity care and financial assistance programs and to cover the unpaid costs of Medicaid. An additional $7.4 million covered unreimbursed costs of Medicare.

Community Outreach

Fisher-Titus is committed to serving community members with outreach programs. In 2012, serted communities health outreach programs, donations and support for non-profit civic organizations valued at $1.3 million. Programs included:

  • Autism Spectrum Kids Program
  • Career Shadowing
  • Community CPR
  • Community Education Programs
  • Community Health Screenings
  • Health Ministry
  • Helmets for Kids
  • Lifeline
  • Link to Life
  • Prescription Assistance Program and Drug Repository
  • Primecare Advantage
  • Safe Needle Disposal Program
  • Support Groups
  • Swimming Lessons for 3rd Graders
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Volunteer Services